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Sueann Moore

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Meet the Creative Team:

Sueann, an artist from Ringsend is currently running our After School Art Workshops at Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre.

Since this year's Dockers & Demons theme is one of sustainability, a topic that is close to Sueann's heart, she is delighted to be using recycled and natural materials for her workshops.

Sueann likes visiting charity shops to source costumes and props for the Halloween festivities.

Sueann says " Its lovely to see the kids getting a chance to make something brand new out of something old , seeing the laughter and the fun on their faces when they see a rock can be a character with a name".

She says that most of the ideas she comes up with are embraced enthusiastically by the children as they create beautiful fairies out of leaves and sculptures out of pebbles. (see below)

Sueann is particularly interested in the overlap of the fields of psychology and art therapy using the holistic power of creative expression as a tool for integration and healing trauma.

She has had several successful art exhibitions as well as stalls at Merrion Square and Stephen's Green parks. She also sells her work on a commission basis and often works on freelance wall murals and facepainting.

Acrylics, inks, sketching and oil paints are her main media and she takes her inspiration from healing and world cultures. Her landscapes and seascapes sometimes stem from imagination and others from a photo, a memory or a description gleaned from a conversation.

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