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"The House of the Broken Birds"

It's October at last and Dockers &Demons returns for its 4th Halloween festival to Dublin 4 and the Docks of Dublin. 😍 A plague of dangerous birds will alight on the village this year bringing a new season of mayhem, madness and horror. 😱 In the midst of Covid 19 Restrictions these dark creatures will be bringing content on line to your homes, along with small theatre events, workshops, a house of horror, educational walks, traditional celebrations of Oiche Samhna, dance, art and tricks and treats for all. 😈 The new moon of Oct16th will see the first of these dark birds arrive. 😰 Be alert, look lively, and beware the glowing eyes you may see staring in your window or across the street. The House of Broken Birds is coming!!🦅🦉

Keep a birds eye 🧐 on our social media platforms and our website for news and upcoming events.🦅


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