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FinK, Street Artist

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Meet the Creative Team:

We are delighted that Street Artist, Fink has joined our team of creative artists for this year's festival!

Fink's art work includes photography and graphic design but he is particularly well known for his Graffiti and Murals, many of which can be spotted in and around the streets of Dublin.

Many of you will be familiar with the large green mural that adorns a wall at the Canon Mooney flats. This spectacular piece was created by Fink five years ago to celebrate the 1916 Rising!

This year, he will create 2 pieces of art work for the Dockers and Demons Festival. The first will be a beautiful temporary art mural painted onto a large sheet of cling film stretched between two posts. We can't wait for this! The second will be on a secret wall in Ringsend to be enjoyed by everyone afterwards.

Check out more of Fink's incredible work on his Instagram page and stay tuned to our social platforms for further details!


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