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Pierce Rooney - RMS

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Meet the Creative Team:-

We are so lucky to have Pierce Rooney of RMS on board the Dockers and Demons creative team this year!

RMS is an education and entertainment business owned and managed by Pierce Rooney offering a wide range of services from DJ Tuition, Music Production, Audio Editing & Recording Skills, Live Entertainment and more.

The purpose and goal of the music program is to teach people in local communities an insight into the world of music through the art of DJ, Music Production, Audio Recording and Editing Skills.

The aim of the program is to mentor, educate and empower those who come from disadvantage/advantage communities and those with disabilities.

The overall vision is to give people the tools, education and expertise that they will need to succeed in finding opportunities within the music industry.

"We stress to young people how important the arts are to their development resulting in them gaining valuable skills combining them and advancing into various areas of employment that can be gained throughout the music industry. Also this program is a positive outlet for therapy, mindfulness and wellbeing plus building resilience in young people, this can increase motivation, social and emotional and communication skills which fosters positive attitudes and stamina for staying in school and engaging in further education and employment opportunities".

Pierce will be working with several groups for the following weeks over at Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre. One group will be focussing on TikTok workshops, another will be working on a spoken poetry project and the final group is currently busy practicing a Thriller dance with Aisling from Collide Dance Academy that will be performed for the festival! 🎉🧙

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of Thriller rehearsals coming your way soon!








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