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Join ReCreate in this sustainable mask making family workshop that celebrates Samhain through creative reuse. 

Using a combination of cardboard engineering techniques and brightly coloured surplus fabrics, we will create oversized festival masks, perfect for Halloween.



ReCreate Ireland is an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to inspire curiosity, creativity and care for people and our planet. 

The enterprise is based around the concept known as creative reuse which encourages the public to reuse materials, (that would normally be sent to landfill or recycling) in all kinds of creative and inventive ways, giving these materials a new lease of life while creating fantastic playful, sustainable, and educational experiences for children, adults and communities.


At The Big Top, Ringsend Park

Monday  From 10.30-pm, Neurodiverse Friendly Workshop (Limited capacity)

Tuesday 31st  11.30-13.00, Family Friendly  Workshop -  Suitable for ages 5 +

Free Ticketed Event

Box Office

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