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Your great great great granny might remember the famous Hinge and Hyde traveling circus show from their heyday, but most people have forgotten about this magnificent show since it’s demise exactly 100 years ago. 

Unfortunately the entire circus was lost in a mysterious accident that noneof them like to talk about! 

However around Halloween, when the veil between the physical and non-physical is at its thinnest they like to slip through and recreate their award winning show one last time! 


Expect to be dazzled by a fine mixture of acrobatics, juggling and aerial feats all broughtto you by a cast from beyond the grave!

The show is family friendly and is expected to run for 50 minutes.

The performance on Mon 31 Oct at 15:00 is a Neurodiverse friendly show and includes a pre-show at 14:40 that affords the audience the opportunity to meet the cast in advance.

The Neurodiverse show runs at a reduced capacity.


The Big Top, Ringsend Park

Sun 30 Oct - 15:00 

Family Friendly Show

Mon 31 Oct - 15:00  (pre-show at 14:40 to meet the cast in advance) 

Neurodiverse Friendly Show

Free Ticketed Event

tickets available at RICC 22 Oct, 24-29 Oct 2-6pm

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